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People don’t care what I say about myself, but they do care what others have to say.

Kevin is a great leader and he is an excellent Chairman and Non-Exec director. Kevin formulates successful business strategies and more importantly is focused on execution, helping businesses grow and mature. With his brilliant stewardship and guidance, he ensures companies deliver. He is also a very kind person who believes in helping deliver impactful solutions for humanity.

Professor Shafi Ahmed
CEO, Medical Realities, The Worlds Most Watched Surgeon, Founder of the Shafi Ahmed Foundation

Robin Stearn
Executive Chairman

“Clear thinking,  articulation and considerable business insight from real experience! It has become a “badge of honour” for a business to have Kevin associated with them.”

Jon Avent

“Kevin is an industry leader of note. Kevin’s coaching, executive optimisation and commercial acumen are outstanding. I’d highly recommend working with Kevin.”

Gerry Skews

There are very few leaders that I would unreservedly endorse and recommend, Kevin falls into that very rare category. Simply put, Kevin achieves results.

Kevin simply moves the needle! He started bringing value from day one. In contrast to many people, Kevin does not focus on the problem. He has the knowledge, vision and creativity that allows him to spend most of the time actively shaping solutions to improve the business. Kevin has been pivotal in building our business.

Botty Dimanov
CEO, Tenyks

Govin Murugachandran

“Kevin’s breadth and depth of knowledge and his support, advice and ability to simplify complex issues have been hugely valuable. I look forward to working with Kevin in future.

Andy Wilcox
Senior Product Manager

“A real people person, Kevin motivates and inspires. I have no hesitation in saying that Kevin is one of the most inspirational leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with.”

Keith Tsui

“Kevin’s been an invaluable advisor to me. He leverages his extensive experience to deliver substantial value.  Any entrepreneur would be lucky to have Kevin as an advisor.”

Kevin's vast experience and his counsel has been absolutely invaluable on our journey, both on a company level and a personal level. He has a singularly incisive way of deconstructing challenges and building solutions around them whilst maintaining equipoise in every regard. There are few people, if any, I hold in higher esteem."

Manish Patel
CEO, Jiva.ai

Stefan McDonald
Chief Growth Officer

“Kevin does not simply work with his clients but becomes part of the team. His leadership and guidance stays with an organisation even after a project has been completed.

Martin Bell

“Kevin is a great leader of people. Amiable, friendly, insightful with great clarity of thought, and superb 360, lateral thinking. Kevin is a growth expert.”

Shoshana Bloom

“Kevin’s knowledge is exceptional and he has been instrumental as our board advisor in helping us to provide both insights and credibility to our offer.

Working with Kevin has been invaluable. Each time we meet I am challenged to think differently and consider new ideas. I like the open approach Kevin takes to each of our sessions that explores various points and not be confined. The approach we take is helping me in day to day work and beyond. I would highly recommend Kevin.

Pamela Penn
Executive Partnership Manager, 3M

Frank Waterhouse
Owner, CFO

“Kevin brings teams together towards a common goal. His strategic thinking and common sense business approach makes it a pleasure to be a part of the team.”

Marc Winchester

“Kevin is a strategic thinker and a man action. Kevin is a highly effective leader – a person of great integrity who earns the respect and admiration of all who know him.”

Barry Keown
Product Director

“Kevin supports, encourages, and inspires confidence. I highly recommend Kevin, learned a lot from him, and would very much like to work with him again in the future.”

Kevin's expertise is exceptional. He provided us with both strategic and “hands-on” support to create robust commercial insight, improve service delivery and design transformational digital strategies. I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin.

Anil Gupta
Group Managing Director, DMC

Alexander Finlayson

“Kevin is incredibly good at taking a bundle of complicated stuff and makes it simple and actionable without being reductive. He’s a wonderfully capable person.

Luke Davies

When it comes to developing strategy, and articulating this clearly to stakeholders, Kevin is the person you can rely upon. It is a pleasure to recommend Kevin.

Laurence de Hoest
Senior Executive

“Kevin was hired as an advisor to Marcol, a private equity firm. I’d highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a mentor or an expert in the technology and healthcare industries.”

Kevin has been an invaluable source of advice in navigating a new, complex and ever-changing field. He is a real strategic thinker who provides very effective and positive challenge and fresh ways of looking at problems. He is particularly strong at cutting through complexity and finding simple solutions. Furthermore he is always a pleasure to work with!

Kate Woolland
Chief Partnerships Officer, IESO

Nigel Pitchford

“Kevin has a rare and interesting range of experiences from small fast-growing companies to larger corporates which he draw upon. He is very easy to work with and a good listener.”

Wesley Fogel

“Kevin is a trusted advisor that helps me understand how to grow my business. Strongly recommend to anyone with big ambitions for themselves and their team.”

Damien Marmion

“Kevin really helped clarify our product and market opportunity for a really difficult product line. His advice and clarity of thinking were crucial to our strategy.”

Thoughtfulness, impartiality, challenge, reflection and clarity - mixed with years of business experience. Kevin has packaged that up and put a bow on it! As a Cofounding Director of a healthcare startup it’s sometimes difficult to know which direction to take. Being able to access Kevin’s mentorship has been invaluable. His wealth of expertise and the fact he has walked the path before means we can avoid some of the more common pitfalls and focus on the things that are going to drive the business forward. I’d highly recommend his services to any entrepreneur, business leader or individual needing expert support through their business ventures.

Oli  Sleeman
Co-Founder, Healthwave

Scott Sanner

“Kevin is a tremendous leader who exceeded our expectations on both the top and bottom lines for our business. Kevin is adept at delivering in ever changing market conditions. “

Ben Sweeney

“Some business coaches sit there happy to take your money. Not Kevin. His insight and support were invaluable. Kevin is a great addition for any business leader!”

James Thomas
NED, Advisor

“Kevin and I worked together to spin out an AI business from the University of Cambridge. I learned a lot from Kevin. He was essential in securing funding from a number of investors.”

It has been a joy to work at board level with Kevin. His reflective, considered and engaging style means he is a fantastic collaborator and a natural developer of talent. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Kevin again in the digital health space - I have a huge admiration for him and his approach.

Rachel Dunscombe
Professor, CEO, NED

Bruce Adams
Sales Director

“Kevin has been a fantastic support to both myself and my team as we grow our business in the UK and internationally. Thoroughly recommend! Thanks for your support Kevin.”

Astan Morarji

“Kevin is friendly, warm and exceptionally knowledgeable. His help was invaluable (driven by his wealth of experience) and enabled me to move forwards”

Paul Walsh

“I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin. In fact I would actively encourage you engage Kevin as a business advisor (although we’d quite like him to keep working with us!).”

Errol Richardson
Founder & CEO

“Kevin is hugely insightful and knowledgeable. Most importantly he translates those attributes into practical and actionable advice. I can’t recommend him or services highly enough!”

Stephen Reilly
Founder & CEO

“Kevin really listens. He helps you to discover what’s really important. His vast experience ensures you choose the right path, and avoid the pitfalls when running a business.”

Mark Sadler
Founder & CEO

“Having worked with a number of advisors and coaches, Kevin stands out from the rest. For me, what was most impactful, was the focus on tangible and actionable advice!”

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